The Post British Dark Age!

We are going through a Dark Age: what I would personally term, the Post British Dark Age.  The Second World War never happened! Sound shocked? You should not be, for after all, The First World War never actually ended.  Indeed, what is termed The Second World War, as well as the Russian Civil War, the Korean War, the Conflict in Vietnam, and present troubles in The Middle East, are all, in truth, part of The First.  You see, they divide it up into separate wars to make it more manageable to Historians.

Tragically, Great Britain had to relinquish its Overseas Colonial Empire, during the Middle of the 20th Century.


Japan is also very interesting!

There was no Second World War! Sound shocking? It should not, for the First World War never actually ended, to this very day.   What is called The Second World War, as well as the Russian Civil War, The Korean War, and the Conflict in Indochina are merely continuations of The First World War.  Mind you, what I would term The Post British Dark Age!

Having said that, I find the history of Japanese Militarism to be most fascinating.  I had been reading on another website, called Neither Aryan Nor Jew about how the Japanese perceived themselves as a Race apart, and above, the rest of the Mongoloid Peoples of the Far East.  Why, this is exactly like how the British, the English in particular, perceive themselves as a Race apart, and above, the rest of the White peoples of Europe.  Moreover, the Japanese fixation on Bushido, is like the British fixation on The Code of Chivalry, for lack of a better term.

I should study Japan, for just such reasons.  That really would be a good idea, too.  I often wonder, though, about the implementation of the term WASP! Mind you, I thought it meant merely those U.S. Citizens of English ancestry.  Later on, I learnt that it was an umbrella term for not only U.S. Citizens of English ancestry, but also those of Scots Irish ancestry, and even those of German ancestry (provided, of course, that they were Protestant).  This seems a bit odd, but I suppose it is a reflection of the twisted and distorted history of the British Isles.

Of course, I hate that term.  For, it reminds me of that winged, stinging insect.  And besides, it would seem that the English are sawing off the branch they are sitting on, by denigrating the Germans, over and over again.  After all, there is, of course, the Anglo Saxon Invasion Theory– Legend has it, any of English ancestry are, ultimately of N. German ancestry, and thereabouts.  Moreover, the very term “Anglo Saxon”, itself, its a cover all term for those three Peoples, the Angles and Saxons and Jutes.

Still, I suppose, when the term WASP (an acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant), was first implemented, that went to show that the reign of the Anglo Saxons was on the wane.  Heaven forbid, the world ever runs out of Germans.   For if it did, then those who make the living denigrating the German people, the Goldhagens and Speilbergs of this World, will not simply close up shop and go out of business.  No, they will switch to denigrating the English people instead.  Indeed, rather than go on and on about The Holocaust, and the plight of Jews in Central Europe, they would go on and on about the Troubles, the plight of Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland, instead.

Am I the only one, who, can envision that eventually happening? I wonder.  Nothing would make me more sorrowful, for I admire the British above all others.  Still, we are living, today, in the Post British Dark Age.   The First World War never ended, after all.  Moreover, in the 20th Century, the British Empire had to let its overseas Colonial Empire go.

The Plight of WASPs!

I wonder! Are the Anglo Saxons truly ultimately from Northern Germany, and thereabouts? According to the Anglo Saxon Invasion Theory, they are.  Mind you, the anti-WASP sentiment, especially in books about them, seem to be slowly growing almost as bad as the usual run of the anti-German bigotry, that pollutes most of the U.S. Media.

Heaven forbid, the world ever runs out of Germans! For, after all, if that happens, the U.S. Media will switch to denigrating and vilifying the English more than ever.  They will cry and carry on about the plight of the Irish, in Northern Ireland, at least as much as the Irish themselves.  Why do not the more anti-German among the English perceive this? I wonder about that too!

One day, it is even conceivable, that what will one day be termed The British Invasion Theory (BIT), will be called into question.  There will be those who will try to say that the British never set foot in North America at all.  Sounds weird? Well, already there are those, who, call into question the Aryan Invasion Theory of Northern India, and, quite coincidentally, there are those who also call into question the Anglo Saxon Invasion Theory as well.

—————————————————–Hail Britannia,

Twin Ruler


On Loyalty!

Mind you, the Bloody “Americans” are so obsessed with Ethnicity.  All this sputtering and quibbling over who is an Irish American or an Italian or a Polish American or a German American, as the case may be.  Still, why does it very much matter, what one’s exact Ethnic Background is, provided that they are Loyal to The British Crown? Notice, I did not say Patriotic to “America”.  For, in truth, there is no such thing as that.

Of course, the greatest error, the Anglo Saxons ever made, was to ever break off from The British Empire, in the first place.  Ever since then, they never had an actual National Identity in any meaningful sense of the term.—–Hail Britannia!


Sir Winston Churchill

Although the North did go to war against The South, in order to free Black Slaves from bondage, neither the Soviet Union nor The United States of America ever intended to rescue or avenge the Jews, perishing in the Holocaust.  No, in truth, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, alike, were too busy sending their very own citizens, to Prison Camps, within their own Lands.  It was the thing to do, back in those days.

Now, Sir Winston Churchill was different.  He did desire to salvage Jewish people.  Of course, others, his detractors, may say that he only did so merely so that he could send them to Palestine Israel, to kill Muslim Arabs for him.  Still, he did desire to save Jews, none the less.

And by the way, I am not an anti-Semite.  In my own way, I love the Jewish people.  For, after all, exactly like how the Knights of Old, with their Code of Chivalry, were Europe’s Equivalent of the Samurai; the Jewish people were, and still are, Europe’s equivalent of what was termed the Ninja, in Medieval Japan.  Indeed, if there are two things for which the Jewish people, I believe, have a true talent for they are Foreign Espionage and Organized Crime.  Indeed, none do it better!

And, besides, I love history.  One can tell that from my other blogs.  Mind you, my views are a bit on the eccentric side, and most do not much care for them.  Of course, one need not be of actual British ancestry to be an Anglophile, but it certainly helps.

And, speaking of The Second World War, it is most interesting to note that neither Joseph Stalin nor Adolf Hitler were of Noble Blood, as far as we know, which, of course, would explain the almost complete lack of what were term Chivalry, exhibited by their respective henchmen.  Yet, it would seem that this merely proves, to me, what precisely what happens when any National State turns its back on Monarchy!

Of course, I am now a convinced Monarchist, especially after realizing the above.  And, of course, the greatest error U.S. Citizens of English ancestry ever made, in all their History, was to ever break off from the British Empire.  This, of course, was the beginning of what I would term the Post British Dark Age.  We are sinking further and further into it.