The Post British Dark Age!

We are going through a Dark Age: what I would personally term, the Post British Dark Age.  The Second World War never happened! Sound shocked? You should not be, for after all, The First World War never actually ended.  Indeed, what is termed The Second World War, as well as the Russian Civil War, the Korean War, the Conflict in Vietnam, and present troubles in The Middle East, are all, in truth, part of The First.  You see, they divide it up into separate wars to make it more manageable to Historians.

Tragically, Great Britain had to relinquish its Overseas Colonial Empire, during the Middle of the 20th Century.


Author: twinruler

Hello, everyone. I am Twin Ruler. As such, I will tend to speak about issues and topics that are of interest to me, and probably people in general. I am sure that you liked many other of my blogs. And I have Asperger Syndrome. I will sometimes speak out against the dangers of the Pick Up Artist Gurus, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Landmark Education. This, of course, shall be my Holy Cause-- my very life's purpose. And, I do hope that you like reading my blogs, as I do creating them.

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