The Plight of WASPs!

I wonder! Are the Anglo Saxons truly ultimately from Northern Germany, and thereabouts? According to the Anglo Saxon Invasion Theory, they are.  Mind you, the anti-WASP sentiment, especially in books about them, seem to be slowly growing almost as bad as the usual run of the anti-German bigotry, that pollutes most of the U.S. Media.

Heaven forbid, the world ever runs out of Germans! For, after all, if that happens, the U.S. Media will switch to denigrating and vilifying the English more than ever.  They will cry and carry on about the plight of the Irish, in Northern Ireland, at least as much as the Irish themselves.  Why do not the more anti-German among the English perceive this? I wonder about that too!

One day, it is even conceivable, that what will one day be termed The British Invasion Theory (BIT), will be called into question.  There will be those who will try to say that the British never set foot in North America at all.  Sounds weird? Well, already there are those, who, call into question the Aryan Invasion Theory of Northern India, and, quite coincidentally, there are those who also call into question the Anglo Saxon Invasion Theory as well.

—————————————————–Hail Britannia,

Twin Ruler



Author: twinruler

Hello, everyone. I am Twin Ruler. As such, I will tend to speak about issues and topics that are of interest to me, and probably people in general. I am sure that you liked many other of my blogs. And I have Asperger Syndrome. I will sometimes speak out against the dangers of the Pick Up Artist Gurus, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Landmark Education. This, of course, shall be my Holy Cause-- my very life's purpose. And, I do hope that you like reading my blogs, as I do creating them.

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