On Loyalty!

Mind you, the Bloody “Americans” are so obsessed with Ethnicity.  All this sputtering and quibbling over who is an Irish American or an Italian or a Polish American or a German American, as the case may be.  Still, why does it very much matter, what one’s exact Ethnic Background is, provided that they are Loyal to The British Crown? Notice, I did not say Patriotic to “America”.  For, in truth, there is no such thing as that.

Of course, the greatest error, the Anglo Saxons ever made, was to ever break off from The British Empire, in the first place.  Ever since then, they never had an actual National Identity in any meaningful sense of the term.—–Hail Britannia!



Author: twinruler

Hello, everyone. I am Twin Ruler. As such, I will tend to speak about issues and topics that are of interest to me, and probably people in general. I am sure that you liked many other of my blogs. And I have Asperger Syndrome. I will sometimes speak out against the dangers of the Pick Up Artist Gurus, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Landmark Education. This, of course, shall be my Holy Cause-- my very life's purpose. And, I do hope that you like reading my blogs, as I do creating them.

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