Sir Winston Churchill

Although the North did go to war against The South, in order to free Black Slaves from bondage, neither the Soviet Union nor The United States of America ever intended to rescue or avenge the Jews, perishing in the Holocaust.  No, in truth, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, alike, were too busy sending their very own citizens, to Prison Camps, within their own Lands.  It was the thing to do, back in those days.

Now, Sir Winston Churchill was different.  He did desire to salvage Jewish people.  Of course, others, his detractors, may say that he only did so merely so that he could send them to Palestine Israel, to kill Muslim Arabs for him.  Still, he did desire to save Jews, none the less.

And by the way, I am not an anti-Semite.  In my own way, I love the Jewish people.  For, after all, exactly like how the Knights of Old, with their Code of Chivalry, were Europe’s Equivalent of the Samurai; the Jewish people were, and still are, Europe’s equivalent of what was termed the Ninja, in Medieval Japan.  Indeed, if there are two things for which the Jewish people, I believe, have a true talent for they are Foreign Espionage and Organized Crime.  Indeed, none do it better!

And, besides, I love history.  One can tell that from my other blogs.  Mind you, my views are a bit on the eccentric side, and most do not much care for them.  Of course, one need not be of actual British ancestry to be an Anglophile, but it certainly helps.

And, speaking of The Second World War, it is most interesting to note that neither Joseph Stalin nor Adolf Hitler were of Noble Blood, as far as we know, which, of course, would explain the almost complete lack of what were term Chivalry, exhibited by their respective henchmen.  Yet, it would seem that this merely proves, to me, what precisely what happens when any National State turns its back on Monarchy!

Of course, I am now a convinced Monarchist, especially after realizing the above.  And, of course, the greatest error U.S. Citizens of English ancestry ever made, in all their History, was to ever break off from the British Empire.  This, of course, was the beginning of what I would term the Post British Dark Age.  We are sinking further and further into it.


Author: twinruler

Hello, everyone. I am Twin Ruler. As such, I will tend to speak about issues and topics that are of interest to me, and probably people in general. I am sure that you liked many other of my blogs. And I have Asperger Syndrome. I will sometimes speak out against the dangers of the Pick Up Artist Gurus, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Landmark Education. This, of course, shall be my Holy Cause-- my very life's purpose. And, I do hope that you like reading my blogs, as I do creating them.

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